New Positive Discipline for Couples Workshop

We are happy to announce a new workshop called Positive Discipline for Couples (Keeping the Joy in Relationships). The Positive Discipline for Couples workshop is both fun, enlightening, and packed with experiential activities designed to help Participants improve all relationships through an even deeper understanding and embodiment of Positive Discipline Principles.

• How Positive Discipline (Adlerian) tools can effectively support your relationship.
• How to enhance your heart connection.
• How to “be” the right person, instead of wanting your partner to “be” the right person.
• What your Lifestyle Priority (Top Card) brings to your relationship.
• How the beliefs formed in your early childhood enhance or challenge your relationship.
• How to understand and speak your partner’s love language.
• How “little things” make a huge difference.
• How your relationship affects your children.
• How to listen beyond the words to what your partner really “means” and “needs”.
• And many more Positive Discipline tools to bring fun and joy to your relationship.

December 2 & 3 – La Jolla, CA

Jane Nelsen and her daughter, Mary Nelsen Tamborski have facilitated many Positive Discipline Workshops. Now they are joining forces to bring you Keeping the Joy in Relationships. Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your relationship.

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