Parent Coaching with Mary Nelsen Tamborski, in Person, Phone or Zoom

  • Have you read a Positive Discipline book and thought it sounded great, until you tried to apply it with your kids?
  • Do you know you “should” use a Positive Discipline parenting tool, but instead find yourself doing the same old, same old?
  • Are you encountering more frustration with parenting than joy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will love Positive Discipline Parent Coaching with me (Mary Nelsen Tamborski). Yes, I am the daughter of Jane Nelsen, author and co-author of the many Positive Discipline books. And, I’m happy to say that she learned much of what she knows by practicing on me. I can also say that I gave her plenty of opportunities to practice. 🙂

Now I’m practicing Positive Discipline with my three sons, Greyson (8), Reid (6) and Parker (2); and they are providing me with plenty of opportunities to “practice.” Yes, I said practice. Isn’t it great to know that, just like every parent, I still make mistakes? One of the greatest things my mom taught me, and I finally believe, is that mistakes are wonderful opportunities to learn. Every time I make a mistake, I learn how important it is to go back to the Positive Discipline tools and learn them at an even deeper level.

I would love to do coaching with you. You will never feel judged by me. You will learn to laugh about your mistakes, and to learn from them. I have a big basket full of Positive Discipline tools, and will help you not just fill your basket with these tools, but to take them out and use them.

We’ll have fun role-playing. (Yes, we can do this over the phone or Skype.) You’ll learn a lot by getting into your child’s world. You’ll learn to understand the “belief” behind your child’s behavior, and then learn how to create the kind of encouragement that helps children change their beliefs and thus their behavior. Not many parenting programs teach the importance of understanding the belief behind the behavior. Too bad, because trying to change behavior without dealing with the belief is a good way to go round and round in circles of frustration.

Give yourself the gift that lasts a lifetime.

  • $75 per half hour
  • $150 per hour

You might want to start with half hour sessions (plenty of time to learn at least three Positive Discipline tools for one challenge at a time), and expand to hourly if you prefer more time.

Contact with dates and times you are available.


“Parenting is not a straight line, and it’s comforting to know we can call Mary when we hit a curve in the road.”


“Thank you so much Mary! We really appreciate your help and support as we stumble through this stage of parenting. Every day is a new challenges. In fact, after talking with you we felt more clear on how to handle situations with our son.”

Matt & Missy

“Mary Tamborski generates great interest and inspiration among parents-younger or more experienced parents can utilize her gems. Her energy is contagious and her humble honesty and real-life experiences capture the audiences attention. Her humor and sincere appreciation for parenting, the highs and the lows, keeps the audience engaged and wanting more.

Temple Zander, Ph.D

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