Limit Screen Time

Thank goodness the Limited Screen Time tool card wasn’t two weeks ago during my boys Spring Break. I’m sure there are plenty of parents out there that can say “holy cow—that was a long week.”  Recently I watched one of … Continued

Problem Solving

If there’s anything I’ve learned–it’s that you/we cannot problem solve during our “flipped lid state”. My family and I have been reminded that when we are in our “reptilian brain” there’s no rational thinking taking place. I’ve been role modeling … Continued


Once again, I get to share about how fortunate I was to be raised learning that “Mistakes are Wonderful Opportunities to Learn.” Throughout my childhood we always celebrated our mistakes. (At the time, I thought that’s what everyone did). My … Continued


There’s a difference between “jobs” and chores. In our house “jobs” have become something that the boys have more or less volunteered to do with enthusiasm and then as a result it becomes their job. A few examples include: Greyson … Continued

Validate Feelings

The validating feelings tool card provided daily, if not hourly, opportunities for me to practice this skill with my two boys. It wasn’t until this week that I made the extra effort to come up with new ways to say, … Continued

Take Time for Training

Isn’t it amazing that with almost every task in life we need to be shown what to do? The older we get, the easier an explanation may be; but when it’s even a little complex or requires some greater expectation, … Continued

Special Time

Growing up with “Special Time” with both of my parents are some of my fondest memories of my childhood. We would take turns each week and have a “Date Night” with our parents. For example, my Mom and me would … Continued


Help children create routine charts to encourage self-discipline. 1) Create routine charts WITH your child. 2) Brainstorm tasks that need to be done. (bedtime, morning, homework, etc.) 3) Take pictures of your child doing each task. 4) Let the routine … Continued


It’s absolutely perfect that compliments was the tool card for this week. I recently reminded my husband how important it is for me to receive compliments from him and to be told how much I’m appreciated.  I know I never … Continued

Family Meetings

Family meetings have provided me with some great childhood memories. The most vivid was the family meeting we had before going to Hawaii. We first made a list of all the possible problems and then brainstormed for solutions. For example, … Continued