Sense of Humor is definitely the easiest and healthiest tool card to practice, when I remember!

When I think back to why I wanted to have children, the first thought that comes to mind is, “Because I want to have a joyful life with lots of fun and loving memories. Sounds lovely….right?

Why is it, that once our children start talking, parenting tends to be less joyful and more stressful? I always considered myself to be a patient person until I had my 18-month old constantly telling me, “No!”

Even with my tool belt fully loaded I found, and still find 6-years later, that I’m constantly challenged to truly enjoy being a parent. Voilá! A Positive Discipline Tool card to the rescue.

Last week I made the decision to practice the Sense of Humor tool card every chance I can (which is often). I found that every time I used my sense of humor, the many challenges of temper tantrums, whining, back talk, not listening, fighting with siblings etc., stop immediately. Magic.

Some examples of sense of humor include, tickling the ______ right out of them; whether it be the sass or a temper tantrum. You and your children can’t laugh and be mad at the same time, even though they may try just for a few seconds.

Just yesterday, when they were supposed to be in the garage cleaning up the mess of toys, my boys were fighting over who picks up what or who made what mess. Reactively, I went out feeling irritated and annoyed that they were fighting once again. Then I remembered “sense of humor.” I turned the car radio on and said, “Dance party.” We instantly started laughing and being silly. We were putting things away together as a team, totally connected and having fun. Not only did the garage get cleaned up, I’m sure we created a great memory while doing so.

My favorite part of this tool card is that it builds so many characteristics that I want my boys to have such as cooperation, respect, loving, helpful, self-worth, care free outlook on life, a connection with each other and me, and of course a sense of humor.

Laughter truly is the best medicine, stress reliever and a very important piece to a loving relationship. Who knows? If all the research is correct, maybe we’ll be adding years to our lives with good health, peace, and joy in parenting. 😉

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