When I think of the word practice, it reminds me of the saying that practice makes perfect. I soon realized that practice meant a whole lot more. I also thought this tool card meant to give children practice, but realized … Continued

Understand the Brain

I know Summer is here, because I have officially “flipped my lid”, or at least I have wanted to every day since school has been out…sigh. On one hand I am truly grateful to have a career where I am … Continued

Sense of Humor

Sense of Humor is definitely the easiest and healthiest tool card to practicewhen I remember! When I think back to why I wanted to have children, the first thought that comes to mind is, “Because I want to have a … Continued

Small Steps

Small steps was the perfect tool card for this week. My almost 5-year-old son started kindergarten and, as much as I don’t agree with it, he was given homework. I really struggled with this for the first few days for … Continued

One Word

This morning my oldest son, Greyson, almost 7-years-old said to me, “I can’t wait until I’m grown up so I can boss my kids around.” I was amused, surprised and hurt at the same time. Amused because he thinks that … Continued