This morning my oldest son, Greyson, almost 7-years-old said to me, “I can’t wait until I’m grown up so I can boss my kids around.”

I was amused, surprised and hurt at the same time. Amused because he thinks that being older means being the “boss”. Surprised because we were having a cuddle moment on the rocking chair and I was sharing with him that I didn’t want him to grow up. And I was hurt, because I didn’t like that he perceives me that way.

I asked him, “What does being a boss sound like?” He said, “Go clean your room….NOW.”

Ugh. I know that’s not how I speak to him all the time, but I also knew I was guilty of it many times…sigh!

I asked him, “What if we came up with an agreement where all I said was One Word?”

He said, “I’d like that!”

I encouraged him by saying, “I know that you are aware of all the chores and expectations we have as being a part of this family.”

He also said, “But sometimes I do need reminding.”

We agreed that One Word would be enough.

Later that morning he left his bowl on the counter, I said, “Greyson, bowl.”

He said, “Mom that was two words.”

I smiled and gave him a big hug. I laughed and said, “Okay, maybe it will be two words if your name is going to count.”

This tool continued to work throughout the day with One Word reminders such as, hands, teeth, shoes, and hug.

What would I do without these Positive Discipline Tool Cards.

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