Put Kids In The Same Boat

Putting my kids in the same boat (treating them the same when they fight) was actually more peaceful for all of us. It’s so easy to get caught up in my boys fight and defend my youngest son who’s 3 … Continued

Teach Children What To Do

One of the first Positive Discipline tools I learned was—teach your children what to do— rather than what “not” to do.  It started for me before my boys were even talking and I still teach them every day. Some examples … Continued

Focus on Solutions

Two Positive Discipline sayings that we’re drilled into my head growing up were–Mistakes are Wonderful Opportunities to Learn and the one relating to this weeks blog–Are we look for blame or are we looking for solutions? My favorite memory of … Continued


The Agreements tool card this week helped me realize how often my husband and I make the agreements and then willingly or unwillingly have our boys “agree.” I then will follow up by saying, “What was our agreement?” Although, it … Continued

Follow Through

Follow through is a Positive Discipline tool that comes naturally for me for two reasons. The first reason is because my parents—my mom especially led by example. I always knew that if my Mom said it—she meant it! It wasn’t … Continued

Limit Screen Time

Thank goodness the Limited Screen Time tool card wasn’t two weeks ago during my boys Spring Break. I’m sure there are plenty of parents out there that can say “holy cow—that was a long week.”  Recently I watched one of … Continued

Problem Solving

If there’s anything I’ve learned–it’s that you/we cannot problem solve during our “flipped lid state”. My family and I have been reminded that when we are in our “reptilian brain” there’s no rational thinking taking place. I’ve been role modeling … Continued


Once again, I get to share about how fortunate I was to be raised learning that “Mistakes are Wonderful Opportunities to Learn.” Throughout my childhood we always celebrated our mistakes. (At the time, I thought that’s what everyone did). My … Continued


There’s a difference between “jobs” and chores. In our house “jobs” have become something that the boys have more or less volunteered to do with enthusiasm and then as a result it becomes their job. A few examples include: Greyson … Continued

Validate Feelings

The validating feelings tool card provided daily, if not hourly, opportunities for me to practice this skill with my two boys. It wasn’t until this week that I made the extra effort to come up with new ways to say, … Continued